zkt eco

1. Client: Ivms Gmbh(company) Application: High level security for data center office Country: Munich, Germany 2. Applied Products: inBIO460 Quantity: 36 units KR Wiegand Readers Quantity: 80 units 3. Solution Description: A data center of Ivms Gmbh in Munich, Germany has specific requirements regarding to security concern. The inBio biometric Access Controller has been adopted to provide solutions. In this case, each employee is assigned an ID card initially, which contained limited access right. Since employees pass through the main entrance every morning, the ID card will be activated, the access right for the entire 80 doors in the building will be granted. Employees can access to each door by swiping ID card or swiping ID card plus password. As per the specific security concern, all the ID card access rights will be eliminated, once the employee leave the building.